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Aug 19 2019

A BOLD new Umpqua Oats


We’ve been Umpqua Oats packaging partner for a few years, and we just completed a new evolution for their brand.

Sheri and Mandy are two mompreneurs attempting to redefine oatmeal for all of us that grew up on Quaker Oats mushy, over-processed and over sweetened instant oatmeal. Sheri & Mandy custom mill their oats to the perfect thickness, maintaining not only texture, but also the nutrition that whole oat groats naturally hold. To top it all off, they add an abundance of real BIG ingredients like nuts and dried fruit — no fragments and no artificial flavors needed — for the bold and delicious flavor that launched Umpqua into the coffee house market in 2008.

Now their bold new brand presence breaks the mold of the oatmeal aisle with a vibrant color palette and a rebellious spirit to their message. A close-up shot of their REAL “never mushy” oatmeal puts the competitor’s bland oatmeal bowls to shame. The packaging looks as clean and honest as the product inside, and Sheri and Mandy pack a personality that will forge an authentic connection with consumers.