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Aug 19 2019

Dr. Kathy’s


Challenge. Build a brand that could grow Dr. Kathy beyond the success in her regional market, and teach consumers that “Eating healthy can be delicious!”

Solution. Dr. Kathy had created a snack product full of real ingredients, sprouted nutrition-packed nuts & seeds, and less sugar then competitor snack products — and it tastes amazing too! We were so enamored with Dr. Kathy’s passion, personality and nutrition knowledge, that we built the whole brand around Kathy. The likeness of her as a logo icon was only the beginning. Using bright, bold colors injected the energy of her enthusiasm into every package and also achieves better shelf presence in a sea of greens and muted colors typical of other raw “health food” snacks. Building an authentic brand voice came naturally because Kathy had so much to say, with a lot of value coming from her personal experience.

Aug 7 2018



Challenge. EasiYo gives moms an easy way to make fresh yogurt at home, but how do you communicate “fresh” when it comes in a pouch and lives on a pantry shelf?

Solution. Mom is busy juggling work and kids, but there is still a pride in making something wholesome for her family. A top down perspective provides a glimpse onto the kitchen table that feels personal and approachable. Authentic photography is a strong communication tool. Fresh fruit and yogurt quickly convey freshness and clean ingredients, while also creating appetite appeal. Fruit, napkin color and flavor violator color allow a flexible system for flavor differentiation that can span across around 30 different formula and flavor variations. EasiYo needed an overhaul on their communication — the new hierarchy is streamlined in quantity but actually says more with less effort.

Jun 7 2018

Oakland Dust


Challenge. Oakland Dust was doing well in local Bay Area markets with their initial four Spice Rubs, but with the expansion to BBQ sauces and additional rub blends, they had a plan to push Oakland Dust into wider retail distribution and focus on growing their eCommerce. It was time to look at the product category and make sure Oakland Dust wasn’t being left in the dust.

Solution. We started on the hunt to find a BBQ sauce bottle that would match the cool-factor on shelf next to their existing Spice Rub tins. A wide, round shouldered, glass bottle was the perfect pairing. Saturating the color palette and bumping up the contrast with a rich black and bright colors allows products to pop on shelf. We introduced big typography along side clean icons for a modern and bold aesthetic.

Sep 6 2017



Challenge. Communicate effective and natural pest control solutions to hydroponic growers in a saturated shelf ennironment

Solution. HydroWorxx has been launched by a German company with over 150 years of experience creating effective solutions for successful gardening. With a family of environmentally friendly and organic products, they saw an opportunity to target pests that are hard to control in the hydroponics environment. HydroWorxx was created to appeal to the mostly male cannabis grower. The use of dark green bottles says natural and helps tie products together on-shelf, while the hit of bold color and use of black and white pest imagery helps to differentiate products at a glance. A bright red stamp logo is a cue to communicate effectiveness.

Feb 2 2017

Umpqua Oats


Challenge. Disrupt an oatmeal aisle that has been dominated by Quaker Oatmeal for over 100 years

Solution. Umpqua Oats has the product to compete against the mushy instant oatmeal competition. With whole rolled oats, real ingredients and none of those added fillers Quaker uses to save costs, Umpqua Oats is exactly what Millennials are looking for. Hitting the oatmeal aisle with bright white and a bold use of black and bright colors instantly attracts attention in a sea of beige. An image with appetite appeal is easy to execute because their product is REAL. Connecting consumers to the history of Umpqua Oats and co-founders, Sheri and Mandy, right on the back of the carton helps build trust that real people are behind their breakfast.

May 4 2015



Challenge. 1) Create a cohesive brand that can communicate the BTTR mission to “make food personal again, one family at a time.” 2) Create a visual language that can connect a Ready to Grow line and a Ready to Eat line in Whole Foods, PetCo, Nordstrom and Home Depot. 3) Quickly communicate their unique & innovative products to consumers on shelf.

Solution. We leveraged Back to the Root’s previous use of kraft substrate and hand-drawn typography, but introduced a bold, modern color palette and whimsical illustration to appeal to all ages. The product photography with supporting information graphics and a very clear communication hierarchy is integral to communicating their products at-a-glance.

Aug 26 2013



Challenge. Create a new product line that appeals to kids while maintaining a connection to an established parent brand.

Solution. We pulled core visual elements from the established 18 Rabbits Granola Bar line and then let it run like, well, rabbits. We stayed tied to the existing adult-focused products with a strong lock-up of brand architecture and the bold use of color to distinguish flavor. Adding hand-drawn elements and engaging wallpaper patterns for each flavor proved attractive to both parents & kids.

Aug 20 2013



Challenge. Sausage company Silva was quickly being surpassed by new players. Their artisanal and traditional recipes should have had them standing clear of the competition, but a dated brand held them back.

Solution. To help Silva rediscover it’s heritage, we channeled their founder, Manuel Martins. “Tradition is Our Recipe” was Manuel’s motto, and that tradition still underlies each product Manuel’s sons ship. A minor evolution of the Silva logo energized the brand without sacrificing any equity. In the revision, bold colors and modern typography contrast with earthy, aged backgrounds. This adds a texture and richness to match Silva’s traditional recipes.

Aug 18 2013



Challenge. Create a retail packaging system that can communicate on shelf across over 150 SKUs with varying packaging structures and sizes. Yoobi is a new brand that launched exclusively into Target, with a mission to bring supplies to schools in need here in the US.

Solution. We created a fun and engaging packaging system with a bright color palette and variety of options to appeal to both kids and moms. We worked in tandem with the Yoobi team to optimize the packaging for production limitations and overseas printing.

Aug 15 2013



Challenge. Each day, JuiceWell prepares fresh-pressed remedies based on local farm availability. This requires a flexible system to communicate an endless combination of ingredients.

Solution. Fresh is the focus for JuiceWell. A silkscreened bottle allows the boldness of the juice to be the backdrop and creates product differentiation. A flexible label system enables product offerings to fluctuate based on availability. Ingredients get featured right on the front circle label, with color changes distinguishing different product categories: juices, smoothies, coconut waters, and nut milks.