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Aug 19 2019

Dr. Kathy’s


Challenge. Build a brand that could grow Dr. Kathy beyond the success in her regional market, and teach consumers that “Eating healthy can be delicious!”

Solution. Dr. Kathy had created a snack product full of real ingredients, sprouted nutrition-packed nuts & seeds, and less sugar then competitor snack products — and it tastes amazing too! We were so enamored with Dr. Kathy’s passion, personality and nutrition knowledge, that we built the whole brand around Kathy. The likeness of her as a logo icon was only the beginning. Using bright, bold colors injected the energy of her enthusiasm into every package and also achieves better shelf presence in a sea of greens and muted colors typical of other raw “health food” snacks. Building an authentic brand voice came naturally because Kathy had so much to say, with a lot of value coming from her personal experience.

Aug 7 2018



Challenge. EasiYo gives moms an easy way to make fresh yogurt at home, but how do you communicate “fresh” when it comes in a pouch and lives on a pantry shelf?

Solution. Mom is busy juggling work and kids, but there is still a pride in making something wholesome for her family. A top down perspective provides a glimpse onto the kitchen table that feels personal and approachable. Authentic photography is a strong communication tool. Fresh fruit and yogurt quickly convey freshness and clean ingredients, while also creating appetite appeal. Fruit, napkin color and flavor violator color allow a flexible system for flavor differentiation that can span across around 30 different formula and flavor variations. EasiYo needed an overhaul on their communication — the new hierarchy is streamlined in quantity but actually says more with less effort.

Jun 7 2018

Oakland Dust


Challenge. Oakland Dust was doing well in local Bay Area markets with their initial four Spice Rubs, but with the expansion to BBQ sauces and additional rub blends, they had a plan to push Oakland Dust into wider retail distribution and focus on growing their eCommerce. It was time to look at the product category and make sure Oakland Dust wasn’t being left in the dust.

Solution. We started on the hunt to find a BBQ sauce bottle that would match the cool-factor on shelf next to their existing Spice Rub tins. A wide, round shouldered, glass bottle was the perfect pairing. Saturating the color palette and bumping up the contrast with a rich black and bright colors allows products to pop on shelf. We introduced big typography along side clean icons for a modern and bold aesthetic.