This is a brief look at our process and how we get from start to finish. Our experienced team will guide you along this path, which will help us better understand your brand, business goals and intended milestones.

1 Making A Proposal

Every good thing has a beginning, and this is often where our interactions with new (and existing) clients start. In our initial phone call or meeting, we will outline our process and what it will take to reach your goals. From there, we put together a detailed proposal that defines the project scope, the deliverables and a budget for the project. Just like your brand, each proposal is unique and created just for the scope of work we outlined in our initial meeting — we don’t do cookie cutters around here.

2 The Discovery

We leave no stone unturned while absorbing every aspect of your brand, market and business goals in our discovery phase. We’ll get down to details, like, what is and what is not currently working for your product or brand. Our team will conduct online and field research to see what other brands are doing. We look at products and companies in different categories, not just those aligned with your project or brand, because ideas and innovations can happen anywhere. During our retail audit of the shelf where your product will live, we’ll take note of competitors and any special communication needs in that specific category.

3 Let's Strategize

We never just roll the dice at Double Six. Careful planning goes into every tactic we create — each piece of project is meticulously and purposefully placed on the playing field to achieve the best results. When tasked with creating a brand strategy, Double Six combines all of its learning from the discovery phase into a presentation along with specific recommendations for retail category, package structure, further refining the target consumer and an over-arching brand strategy.

4 Exploration

This is where the rubber meets the road and our pencils get to work. Our designers sift, filter and digest the data from the discovery phase and begin applying mental muscle to the brand needs outlined in our strategy documentation. In larger-scale brand explorations, we often start with an expression of the retail packaging — for consumers, the first and most tactile touch point with the brand or category.

The creative exploration of your brand and packaging can take several routes to achieve the best possible outcome to achieve your goals. We generally start closer in, examining core brand equities and establishing how we can maintain their presence in new designs. We may look at new package structures to ensure that its shape and form-factor mesh with the brand strategy.

Depending on the project scope and the size of the category, our exploration of design solutions may be quite broad, examining a wide array of solutions to the communications challenges facing your brand. However, other projects and brands may require a more focused study of the brand expression, in which we will explore creative executions along a narrower spectrum of solutions.

Our team is well-versed in identifying problems and opportunity insights and addressing them directly with as few as three to six conceptual directions. All concepts will offer up unique opportunities and insights into your brand’s messaging and image.

5 Truly Refined

Once your team has chosen what concept will move forward into the next round, we extend our solutions to other facings of the product package. We explore how the brand will extend to other SKUs as a system. The net result of the refinement process is a fully realized vision of your brand’s evolution and picture of how it will compete in its marketplace.

6 Making It Real

At this phase, we get really technical. Press-ready files that can be printed in the medium most appropriate to your packaging needs —from anywhere in the world — are produced with the precision and speed akin to an Indy-car pit crew. Schedule and budget permitting, our designers are ready and able to attend the initial print run, helping ensure that the hard work and high standards we built into the design show well on the shelf.

We're in it till the end

That great looking packaging is just the beginning, the tip of the proverbial iceberg. That’s where our suite of capabilities comes in, to build your brand and design all the tools it will need to compete and sustain itself for the long haul — we’re in this together.