Dr. Kathy’s

Challenge. Build a brand that could grow Dr. Kathy beyond the success in her regional market, and teach consumers that “Eating healthy can be delicious!”

Solution. Dr. Kathy had created a snack product full of real ingredients, sprouted nutrition-packed nuts & seeds, and less sugar then competitor snack products — and it tastes amazing too! We were so enamored with Dr. Kathy’s passion, personality and nutrition knowledge, that we built the whole brand around Kathy. The likeness of her as a logo icon was only the beginning. Using bright, bold colors injected the energy of her enthusiasm into every package and also achieves better shelf presence in a sea of greens and muted colors typical of other raw “health food” snacks. Building an authentic brand voice came naturally because Kathy had so much to say, with a lot of value coming from her personal experience.