The arena of non-consumable consumer packaged goods (CPG) is a vast playing field. Unifying brands across multiple aisles requires a retail branding strategy that’s built on package design systems that are flexible enough to carry brand attributes, equities and messaging across a varied retail landscape.

Retail branding and structure design in this category offers a very different communication challenge than food, beverage and health categories. Messaging and the presentation of easily digested facts and technical specifications need to be combined with unique, memorable representations of the brand and product.

Double Six Design has a long history of partnering with CPG brands and product producers, producing packaging and structure designs that master the challenges represented in a variety of categories and offer consumers a unique and genuine brand experience.


Product-in-use imagery goes a long way to quick communication

Streamline front panel communication and use back panels to go into detail

Minimize packaging footprint to reduce cost and environmental impact