Orange juice, and beer, and wine, oh my. No, it’s not SOMA’s latest taste sensation. From an O.J. carton on a breakfast table, a beer shared amongst friends, to the latest Napa Valley vintage, each beverage category shares a single common trait with one another: they all live in the consumers’ line of sight or in the consumers’ hand longer than any other retail package.

That means brands considering any beverage packaging design, including beer or wine labels, need to pull out all the stops, break out the bells and whistles and by all means, get it right the first time.

That longer impression is also an opportunity to engage consumers with bigger picture thinking and deeper brand messaging. Attention to details, relevant romance copy, interesting production techniques, texture and bottle shape all work in unison to create a deeper emotional connection with consumers every time they engage with the packaging design.

Double Six Design understands these needs and has the experience and resources to execute packaging design for beverages, wine, or beer that works hard on shelf and even harder at home.


Be different in order to stand out visually on a busy shelf

Color is a useful tool to differentiate between flavors

Engaging brand stories on back panels create lasting connection to your brand