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When presented with the challenge of naming and branding of a cannabis company, Double Six was all in. When approached in 2017, we knew California was in the process of switching to full recreational sale by the end of the year. The previously medicinal cannabis market was saturated with brands who were either super pharmaceutical or home spun farmers supplying bulk product to medical dispensaries. That was all about to change, and we were in a race against the flood of consumer driven cannabis brands ready and waiting to launch.

During the naming and branding process, we were inspired by the partnership between 5 business partners who had years of experience in the cannabis category. The team, led by an cannabis farmer who had already been selling bulk to dispensaries for years, had build trust with dispensaries, but not with consumers.

We started with establishing brand adjectives and communication goals that would drive the entire branding process. We had four communication goals that we targeted through out the branding process: transparency, premium, knowledgable, urban. Hundreds of names were considered during our process, but Crown Public rose to the top of the the pack, embodied by visuals of warmth, premium textures and social inclusivity.

(Disclaimer: This is an early concept moodboard for Crown Public cannabis which includes images torn from magazines. Images do not belong to Crown Public and reference sources are not available.)

The name “Crown Public” drove the brand aesthetic to great heights. An in-depth concept ideation explored brand concepts that ranged from edgy & urban to sophisticated & refined. The selected brand aesthetic was built around a “CP” monogram made of smokey gold swirls. A clean use of white, warm gold tones, elegant line details and refined typography achieves a high-end look that will instantly create trust with consumers.

Crown Public Cannabis Vape Pen and Package DesignCrown Public Cannabis Pouch Packaging DesignCrown Public Cannabis Logo Design

In addition to the launch of the newly re-branded Umpqua Oats website, Umpqua Oats just launched their new brand videos. We had such a great time art directing these videos, in collaboration with Wildly Simple Productions of Sonoma, Ca! Together, we spent a day shooting footage with Sheri and Mandy, the founders of Umpqua Oats. Here are the brand story video and a shorter product-focused video to announce the launch of their latest Insane Grains cereal.

Mar 22 2017

Mooala goes bananas!



Mooala launched last year with their AlmondMilks, and momentum is quickly picking up steam. They’ve made a quick expansion to their newest plant-based beverage with BananaMilks in Original and Chocolate flavor.

Aside from their retail packaging we also designed the Mooala website.

Communicating a cohesive & professional brand doesn’t stop with consumers. Presentations to retailers and distributers are just as important, if not more so, if you are trying to launch a new product into retail. We’ve continued work with Mooala this year, creating product sales sheets, retailer slide presentations and a 10 foot trade show booth.

Communicating at trade show scale is different then communicating on shelf, but none-the-less a clear communication hierarchy that allows a quick understanding of your brand and product is still paramount. Just because you have tons of space, doesn’t mean you should fill it up. When you are aiming for high level communication, simplicity is necessary when you are trying to provide a place for the on-looker’s eye to rest on the most important details.

A careful selection of a few character components — for Mooala these consist of a reclaimed wood console table, rustic beverage dispensers and faux wood flooring — helps complete the brand aesthetic in a seamless way.




We had the opportunity to partner with BBDO San Francisco to help launch a campaign for Cesar Dog Food. Cesar’s Feed the Friendship campaign involved engaging consumers through social networking to guess what breeds their dogs were. Users would send in photos of their dogs, and the Cesar Feed the Friendship App would guess what kind of breed their dog was. A select group of app users would receive a DNA kit in the mail to find out what breeds actually were locked inside their little furry friends.

Double Six partnered with the BBDO San Francisco team on the structural design of the kit packaging. The package had to hold up through shipping, be fun and engaging, hold the DNA kit and Cesar food samples, and also feature a free gift. Together with the BBDO team, we ideated over what the free gift should be. We considered a variety of stock doggy gifts, from lunch boxes to dog tags, however nothing really felt proprietary enough to create a big impact on the user. Inspired by seeing videos of dogs eating the Cesar food with the Cesar trays sliding all over the floor, BBDO and Double Six Design team’s collaboratively came up with the idea of a placemat that would hold the Cesar food trays in place. Silicone would provide a food-safe material and have natural anti-slip properties. The shape of the bowl would be customized to the Cesar food tray, but could later be filled with water or a different food.

From design to fabriation, we were responsible for creating the design of this placemat and overseeing the production of the end resulting product and kit packaging. We brought in our trusted partners at Savvy Print Solutions to execute the final components: from the custom silicone placemat to printing all printed components to managing fulfillment of the final kits with all components.

BBDO Cesar Opening Carton

BBDO Cesar Inner CartonBBDO Cesar Placemat

BBDO Cesar CADBBDO Cesar Placemat

Yes To has finally announced their new product line, made just for men! We’ve patiently waited to share it with everyone. This is the first brand extension we’ve partnered with Yes To that has a significantly different target consumer then it’s base, as it needed to appeal specifically to men. It loses it’s usual hero-ingredient. A bigger use of typography paired with a bold but natural palette helps it stand out next to other men’s products on shelf. We also added more punch to the voice to appeal to those manly types.


We are so excited so hear that Back to the Roots just landed a deal in Target for all of their products. We started their initial re-branding and package design in 2014, and this year have helped them expand their offering from 2 SKUs to 9 SKUs. We are proud to be their package design partners, and look forward to continued partnership.

Back to the Roots launch in Target Stores

Our client, Back to the Roots has just launched their 3rd product, Organic Stoneground Flakes. This is our first time experiencing a product launch with them, since we came in to rebrand and redesign the Back to the Roots packaging on their existing products last year.

What a product to follow their early sucesses with the Mushroom Farm and AquaFarm! They have officially ventured from their original Ready-to-Grow products into Ready-to-Eat but staying true to their mission to connect people to their food. These Stoneground Flakes have only 3 ingredients, all sourced here in the US. The Hard Red Spring Wheat they’ve used is a heritage grain, grown and milled right here in California!

We learned so much about our food chain through this project. Did you know that when a food label says “Whole Wheat” this doesn’t necessarily mean it was created from the milled whole grain? Often times, they are actually taking the pieces of the wheat that have already been industrially processed & separated, and they are then putting them back together.

Visually, we’ve maintained the use of illustration and bold use of color that has become the major brand element for Back to the Roots. We really had fun creating this whimsical illustration style of a barn and farm. The barn theme emphasizes the unique gable-top package structure and draws interest on shelf amongst those other serious and wholesome cereals in the category.

After designing the packaging we also helped Back to the Roots bring their website inline with their new rebranded vision. More new products for Back to the Roots are launching this spring, in both the Ready-to-Grow and Ready-to-Eat categories. Stay tuned!

Back to the Roots Stoneground Flakes Packaging Design
Learn more about the Back to the Roots Stoneground Flakes on their website.

Illustrated by Sheri Kuniyuki
Creative Direction by Beth Leonardo
Cereal and milk photography by Holly Stewart Photography

In 2013 we worked with Yoobi to create the package design for their line of school supplies, and it finally just launched in Target! We were so excited to discover it on shelf last week and see all the completed packaging in person. With over 100 SKUs, the creation of the packaging system was a big undertaking. A bold color palette and fun products excite the kids. The bonus: for every product bought, Yoobi will give an item to a Yoobi Classroom Pack that gets delivered to K-3rd grade classrooms in need, right here in the US.




Last year we created the branding for The North Face Speaker Series; a nationwide tour featuring TNF’s top athletes sharing stories about their challenges and adventures. There were 11 different speakers in over 25 locations. The system spanned hundreds of deliverables, including national magazine ads, posters, postcards, flyers, tickets and social media graphics.






Mar 20 2014

JuiceWell Successes!


Sharon and Manya, of JuiceWell are doing really well! Sharon continues to run the California operation, while Manya runs the New York operation.

Sharon success with her first store in Montecito, CA has paved the way for a second location at the Santa Barbara Public Market, opening in April. She has expanded her offerings to other organic and wholesome foods, all made from local fresh produce. See a recent feature on



Manya’s SoHo store is also doing really well, staying super fresh and continuing to nourish New Yorkers through Winter and into Spring!