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10. Clean air

Coming off a couple weeks of the worst air quality we have ever experienced here as a result of the nearby “Camp Fire” in Paradise, Ca., we must start our list here. Last week the news’ daily reports continued to compare our air with international cities we were surpassing each day as the worst air quality. At the height, we hit the #1 slot — for only 1 day. We are extremely fortunate to have clean air here in the San Francisco Bay Area most of the year, and we are thankful that a little bit of rain and wind finally brought our air quality back to our normal levels.

9. Where we live

We work very hard to keep on living here in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. Living near the bay, but being able to be in the mountains, in the ocean, in a lake, in the woods, on a farm in just a short drive gives us all so much inspiration to create. This also gives us a drive to protect the Earth’s valuable resources, so we can make sustainable decisions in the work we do.

8. Where we work

Our creative, urban environment in Oakland is a wonderful place to have a branding studio — surrounded by other creatives and easy access to amazing talent and experienced vendor partners, really makes working here fun and fulfilling. It doesn’t hurt that our studio is surrounded by tons of delicious restaurants, breweries and wine tasting rooms either!

7. Having a dog in the studio

The Double Six studio dog, Buca, does spend most of her day sleeping, but she reminds us all to take a break sometimes. Whether its to rest our eyes and play a little tug-a-war or it’s to get out of the studio for a little walk around the neighborhood, she is a valuable member of the team.

6. Not getting in a car

Okay, so not everyone of us has this luxury, but our location allows us to bike, walk or take public transportation each day. This includes getting to work, grabbing lunch and even going to client meetings. Trust us, its a much better perspective, and you see things you wouldn’t see in a car — architecture, graffiti, cool signs, people, and even nature.

5. Amazing clients

Okay, we know this sounds totally expected, but we really are so fortunate to work with an amazing group of clients who keep us inspired. Many of our clients we have had for more than 5 years, and we build new partnerships each year. Can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!

4. Better-for-you products

It’s always amazing that the clients we connect with are one’s that fit with our teams’ own values and shopping tendencies — real food, no artificial junk, sustainably-focused, consciously-sourced, organically grown. If your product align with these values, call us!

3. Our partners

Sorry, clients, but we have to put our partners higher on the list than you because without these guys, we couldn’t do what we do. They take our small core team, and make Double Six capable of accomplishing anything. We consider our partners just as much a part of our team as those that sit here in the studio — and this expanded team gives Double Six more flexibility, allows us to work more efficiently and produces more targeted results for each client than a big stagnate in-house team can. Thanks to all our photographers, food stylists, illustrators, printers, copy writers, developers, SEO experts, product designers, 3D renders and more!

2. Our families

More important than our Double Six family, are the people we come home to each evening. They are the ones that support us, nurture our passions, listen to us complain, make us laugh and play, and accept us for who we are.

1. Loving to come to work each day!

We are coming up on our 4 year anniversary next week, so it seems appropriate to officially announce our new look. Introducing our new logo and a fresh color palette:

We are thankful for all the “new” that came our way last year (new clients & partnerships, a new studio in a new city, and even working with new talent), and we are feeling so energized entering the new year.

Our call to action for 2012 (coined by our amazing intern, Ben Wong) is “MAKE GREATNESS!” and that’s exactly what we intend to do this year!

After careful consideration, and a long search for the right space, Double Six Design has decided to move from our studio from San Francisco to Oakland. We found a spacious warehouse converted space in the old Cottonmill building in the Embarcadero Cove area, a couple miles south of Jack London Square. Big windows, exposed brick walls and tall timber ceilings — its everything we’ve dreamed of and we are so excited to call it home. Come on by for a visit!

Double Six Design Studio

Oct 22 2010

You Work For Them


For those of you who don’t know, there’s this website called You Work For Them. They create unique fonts, vector graphics, brushes, etc. Check it out:


Askinosie Chocolate

Okay, so I paid a small fortune for this chocolate… yes, initially for the packaging.

Look at the details: tactile paper, twine, the hand-stamp technique executed with finesse. I appreciate the messaging — focused on the cacao farmer, fair-trade practices, chocolate made in small batches, cacao from a single origin.

Then I tried the chocolate…. wow. This chocolate is for a true chocolate connoisseur. Worth every penny!

Just came back from a family trip to Scotland. My mother was born & raised there, and I have a number of relatives still there. Always great to see the family, but this trip my husband and I made a point to travel around, see the sights, and savor the delights of Scotland.

We even had the chance to do some Scotch tasting, and we were particularly impressed with the branding at AUCHENTOSHAN. Apparently recently re-designed, we appreciate that AUCHENTOSHAN decided to break from tradition to create a very modern, clean label-design — a clean appearance for a clean, triple-distilled single malt scotch. It certainly stands out amongst it’s competitors on shelf.

They’ve done a great job creating a cohesive family of products, and carrying it over to the distillery, tasting room, and shop. A job well done!

Here’s a brief tour:








Jan 22 2010

Fancy Food Fun


We went to the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco earlier this week. We go every year to see what’s new, to be inspired, to meet new people, and, as typical san francisco foodies, to taste new fare. As usual it was a great source of inspiration, and, as usual, we left full and with sore feet.

There was too much cool packaging to keep track of and usually covers that for us, but as a foodie, I certainly discovered some new and exciting treats. Again, so many things were yummy, but here are a few that stood out:

Siggi's Skyr Strained Yogurt

Siggi’s / Icelandic style skyr strained yogurt

It wasn’t long ago that I discovered Fage (pronounced Fa-Yeh) greek yogurt at the Fancy Food Show, but this year I’ve discovered something new, tangy and delicious. Siggi’s Skyr is creamy, thick, and only slightly sweet (sweetened with agave syrup). It comes in the most fantastic flavors. Move over strawberry, here comes orange & ginger, pomegrantate & passion, and açaí berry. Just delightful!

Happy Goat Caramels

Happy Goat Caramels

We discovered Happy Goat Caramels in the What’s New section of the show, and they make their caramels from goat’s milk. Now, I love caramel, and I must admit I’ve tried a few times to make it myself. But Happy Goat was really unique. The goat’s milk infused a tangy flavor and it was speckled with vanilla bean. Of course, the caramel was just the perfect consistency – not to soft, not too chewy.

Bolani stuffed flatbread

Bolani / East & West Gourmet Afghan Food

A local farmer’s market favorite, Bolani is an super-yummy Afghan stuffed flatbread. Spinach filled flatbread with a sun-dried tomato spread on top…. or pumpkin stuffed flatbread with cilanto garlic sauce. As I was offered one combo after another, after another…. I had to remind myself that I was just visiting my first aisle of the day with way more food to try! I will absolutely be visiting them at the farmer’s market soon!