Double Six Design is a full-service branding and packaging design agency. We’re communicators who create and extend brands and foster brand promise. We work hard to ensure that our clients’ messaging is timely, relevant and on target so it easily integrates into their specific strategies and goals. We create custom solutions for complex problems — from packaging to print to digital — each of which is an extension of a cohesive branding system.


For a consumer retail company, your brand is so much more than a logo — it's the collection of elements that become synonymous with your company’s name and products. When creating and curating an initial brand connection with the consumer, this overlying brand expression is the crux of consumer experience, brand recognition and ultimately, brand retention. It’s the voice with which your brand speaks to the consumer and expressed in packaged goods, is the face of the brand that lives on in the consumer’s home. While developing a brand, Double Six Design begins by establishing a customized process or roadmap, unique to your company’s goals and needs. The document outlines strategic and tactical needs ranging from establishing a new brand name to addressing your brand’s positioning and market strategy. Starting from a place of strategic consideration ensures that we establish and create the most complete and relevant brand picture possible for your consumer. Understanding where the product lives in retail environments gives us insights into the challenges your product may face within it’s aisle landscape and highlight strengths we can better utilize to speak directly to consumer needs and expectations. Building your brand and tailoring our process to meet your needs may involve the following action items and services: Product and Brand Naming Strategic Brand Positioning Developing Brand Voice Identity and Logo Design Structure Development Package Design Imagery Sourcing and Art Direction Production Management


Time for a brand re-start or a healthy dose of fresh perspective? Maybe your business has evolved past its core product line and is now offering consumers a little something different. Or maybe your competitors have evolved beyond your product reach. If any of the above rings true, you might be ready for a Double Six Design brand revitalization. We’ll work together with your team and management to analyze how far you need to move your brand and what assets of your current brand are essential to retain in any kind of shift. Done right, the retooling of your brand and applications will not lose traction with your current customer base — instead it will help strengthen the brand impression and be the first step in getting better market traction. A customized process and scope will be laid out to meet your specific goals, and might contain any of the following action items or services: Product and Brand Naming Strategic Brand Positioning Developing Brand Voice Identity & Logo Design Structure Development Package Design Imagery Sourcing and Art Direction Production Management


Our relationship with our clients doesn’t stop with an initial brand or re-branding project. Together, we work with your team and on-going needs to ensure that your brand is executed cohesively and consistently across all touch points — from utilitarian executions like shipping boxes, stationery and brand guidelines, to globally visible brand interaction points like interactive support and social media resources. Print Collateral We do that too! After all, printed materials are often the backbone of off-shelf communication efforts and help fortify brand consistency — from business cards to promotional brochures. Don't underestimate the power of these supplemental pieces. Together with your packaging and messaging, they serve as a powerful persuader and differentiator from the competition. Signage and Displays The opportunity to feature new products or enhance shelf position though in-store signage and displays is an important part of maintaining brand presence and relevance. These tactics need to work hand-and-hand with your brand, product and package design, while maintaining clear and concise communications, relevant to the consumer and retailers’ needs. Web and Digital Design The digital expression of your brand is more important then ever. This is the era of social networking, and you need to assure that your brand system is extended to the digital platform in a cohesive, professional, and most importantly, authentic way. Connect with your consumer, express your brand and give them something they’ll not only like, but an expression of your brand they’ll really love.