Single-Malt Scotch, not for sissies

June 23rd, 2010 by

Just came back from a family trip to Scotland. My mother was born & raised there, and I have a number of relatives still there. Always great to see the family, but this trip my husband and I made a point to travel around, see the sights, and savor the delights of Scotland.

We even had the chance to do some Scotch tasting, and we were particularly impressed with the branding at AUCHENTOSHAN. Apparently recently re-designed, we appreciate that AUCHENTOSHAN decided to break from tradition to create a very modern, clean label-design — a clean appearance for a clean, triple-distilled single malt scotch. It certainly stands out amongst it’s competitors on shelf.

They’ve done a great job creating a cohesive family of products, and carrying it over to the distillery, tasting room, and shop. A job well done!

Here’s a brief tour: