Green Series: Introduction

April 23rd, 2010 by

One day, many years ago, it occured to me that as a designer of packaging and print, I was a large contributor to our landfills. What a depressing thought, that everything we create, at some point in it’s life cycle, is thrown away. For a while I struggled with this issue, but I then decided that I could still do my part to be a green designer.

We have quite a few clients these days who are willing to pay a little extra to be gentler on the earth. The increased demand for greener options has created a search for new innovative materials, ways to cut down on excessive packaging, and the creation of lower-impact processes. The good news is that there are more and more printers who are capable of green printing, and everyday we hear about new options.

Since we’re all still learning about how we can do our part and it’s such an ever-evolving issue, we have decided to do some research and write a series of blogs dedicated to Green Design. Stay tuned….