Fancy Food Fun

January 22nd, 2010 by

We went to the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco earlier this week. We go every year to see what’s new, to be inspired, to meet new people, and, as typical san francisco foodies, to taste new fare. As usual it was a great source of inspiration, and, as usual, we left full and with sore feet.

There was too much cool packaging to keep track of and usually covers that for us, but as a foodie, I certainly discovered some new and exciting treats. Again, so many things were yummy, but here are a few that stood out:

Siggi's Skyr Strained Yogurt

Siggi’s / Icelandic style skyr strained yogurt

It wasn’t long ago that I discovered Fage (pronounced Fa-Yeh) greek yogurt at the Fancy Food Show, but this year I’ve discovered something new, tangy and delicious. Siggi’s Skyr is creamy, thick, and only slightly sweet (sweetened with agave syrup). It comes in the most fantastic flavors. Move over strawberry, here comes orange & ginger, pomegrantate & passion, and açaí berry. Just delightful!

Happy Goat Caramels

Happy Goat Caramels

We discovered Happy Goat Caramels in the What’s New section of the show, and they make their caramels from goat’s milk. Now, I love caramel, and I must admit I’ve tried a few times to make it myself. But Happy Goat was really unique. The goat’s milk infused a tangy flavor and it was speckled with vanilla bean. Of course, the caramel was just the perfect consistency – not to soft, not too chewy.

Bolani stuffed flatbread

Bolani / East & West Gourmet Afghan Food

A local farmer’s market favorite, Bolani is an super-yummy Afghan stuffed flatbread. Spinach filled flatbread with a sun-dried tomato spread on top…. or pumpkin stuffed flatbread with cilanto garlic sauce. As I was offered one combo after another, after another…. I had to remind myself that I was just visiting my first aisle of the day with way more food to try! I will absolutely be visiting them at the farmer’s market soon!