A drink to You-T health

April 13th, 2010 by

We just wrapped up an interesting project for a product called You-T. It’s a brand new dietary supplement, formulated to promote a healthy urinary tract. Although there are many cranberry supplements already on the market, You-T is unique for a couple reasons.

• You-T was formulated by a doctor with potency in mind, and it has the highest concentration of the healthy anthocyanins (the good stuff in cranberries that are responsible for keeping the bad bacteria at bay) on the market.

• Instead of a capsule or pill, this supplement is a beverage powder that you add to water. So, not only is it convenient, but you will get a dose of water at the same time. Water is particularly important to urinary tract health.


Because of You-T’s unique qualities, it was important to make it stand out on shelf. Instead of creating the usual clean & clinical looking package, we used a bold use of color. Big berry illustration increases the flavor appeal, and visual of the packet pouring into the glass helps to communicate You-T’s unique delivery method.

Our next project, now that the product is ready to hit the stores, is the new You-T website. Stay tuned!