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When presented with the challenge of naming and branding of a cannabis company, Double Six was all in. When approached in 2017, we knew California was in the process of switching to full recreational sale by the end of the year. The previously medicinal cannabis market was saturated with brands who were either super pharmaceutical or home spun farmers supplying bulk product to medical dispensaries. That was all about to change, and we were in a race against the flood of consumer driven cannabis brands ready and waiting to launch.

During the naming and branding process, we were inspired by the partnership between 5 business partners who had years of experience in the cannabis category. The team, led by an cannabis farmer who had already been selling bulk to dispensaries for years, had build trust with dispensaries, but not with consumers.

We started with establishing brand adjectives and communication goals that would drive the entire branding process. We had four communication goals that we targeted through out the branding process: transparency, premium, knowledgable, urban. Hundreds of names were considered during our process, but Crown Public rose to the top of the the pack, embodied by visuals of warmth, premium textures and social inclusivity.

(Disclaimer: This is an early concept moodboard for Crown Public cannabis which includes images torn from magazines. Images do not belong to Crown Public and reference sources are not available.)

The name “Crown Public” drove the brand aesthetic to great heights. An in-depth concept ideation explored brand concepts that ranged from edgy & urban to sophisticated & refined. The selected brand aesthetic was built around a “CP” monogram made of smokey gold swirls. A clean use of white, warm gold tones, elegant line details and refined typography achieves a high-end look that will instantly create trust with consumers.

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