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We had the opportunity to partner with BBDO San Francisco to help launch a campaign for Cesar Dog Food. Cesar’s Feed the Friendship campaign involved engaging consumers through social networking to guess what breeds their dogs were. Users would send in photos of their dogs, and the Cesar Feed the Friendship App would guess what kind of breed their dog was. A select group of app users would receive a DNA kit in the mail to find out what breeds actually were locked inside their little furry friends.

Double Six partnered with the BBDO San Francisco team on the structural design of the kit packaging. The package had to hold up through shipping, be fun and engaging, hold the DNA kit and Cesar food samples, and also feature a free gift. Together with the BBDO team, we ideated over what the free gift should be. We considered a variety of stock doggy gifts, from lunch boxes to dog tags, however nothing really felt proprietary enough to create a big impact on the user. Inspired by seeing videos of dogs eating the Cesar food with the Cesar trays sliding all over the floor, BBDO and Double Six Design team’s collaboratively came up with the idea of a placemat that would hold the Cesar food trays in place. Silicone would provide a food-safe material and have natural anti-slip properties. The shape of the bowl would be customized to the Cesar food tray, but could later be filled with water or a different food.

From design to fabriation, we were responsible for creating the design of this placemat and overseeing the production of the end resulting product and kit packaging. We brought in our trusted partners at Savvy Print Solutions to execute the final components: from the custom silicone placemat to printing all printed components to managing fulfillment of the final kits with all components.

BBDO Cesar Opening Carton

BBDO Cesar Inner CartonBBDO Cesar Placemat

BBDO Cesar CADBBDO Cesar Placemat