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We are so excited so hear that Back to the Roots just landed a deal in Target for all of their products. We started their initial re-branding and package design in 2014, and this year have helped them expand their offering from 2 SKUs to 9 SKUs. We are proud to be their package design partners, and look forward to continued partnership.

Back to the Roots launch in Target Stores

May 4 2015



Challenge. 1) Create a cohesive brand that can communicate the BTTR mission to “make food personal again, one family at a time.” 2) Create a visual language that can connect a Ready to Grow line and a Ready to Eat line in Whole Foods, PetCo, Nordstrom and Home Depot. 3) Quickly communicate their unique & innovative products to consumers on shelf.

Solution. We leveraged Back to the Root’s previous use of kraft substrate and hand-drawn typography, but introduced a bold, modern color palette and whimsical illustration to appeal to all ages. The product photography with supporting information graphics and a very clear communication hierarchy is integral to communicating their products at-a-glance.