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Our client, Back to the Roots has just launched their 3rd product, Organic Stoneground Flakes. This is our first time experiencing a product launch with them, since we came in to rebrand and redesign the Back to the Roots packaging on their existing products last year.

What a product to follow their early sucesses with the Mushroom Farm and AquaFarm! They have officially ventured from their original Ready-to-Grow products into Ready-to-Eat but staying true to their mission to connect people to their food. These Stoneground Flakes have only 3 ingredients, all sourced here in the US. The Hard Red Spring Wheat they’ve used is a heritage grain, grown and milled right here in California!

We learned so much about our food chain through this project. Did you know that when a food label says “Whole Wheat” this doesn’t necessarily mean it was created from the milled whole grain? Often times, they are actually taking the pieces of the wheat that have already been industrially processed & separated, and they are then putting them back together.

Visually, we’ve maintained the use of illustration and bold use of color that has become the major brand element for Back to the Roots. We really had fun creating this whimsical illustration style of a barn and farm. The barn theme emphasizes the unique gable-top package structure and draws interest on shelf amongst those other serious and wholesome cereals in the category.

After designing the packaging we also helped Back to the Roots bring their website inline with their new rebranded vision. More new products for Back to the Roots are launching this spring, in both the Ready-to-Grow and Ready-to-Eat categories. Stay tuned!

Back to the Roots Stoneground Flakes Packaging Design
Learn more about the Back to the Roots Stoneground Flakes on their website.

Illustrated by Sheri Kuniyuki
Creative Direction by Beth Leonardo
Cereal and milk photography by Holly Stewart Photography