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Jul 30 2013



Challenge. How do you create a brand that appeals to male, beer drinking snack fiends? Starting with pepperoni would be smart.

Solution. Utilizing a bold black and red color palette isn’t unique when targeting this particular demographic (see Doritos, for example), but applying a clean aesthetic and contemporary typography is. The look of Amini’s Brand separates them from other manly snacks. Their seal logo is inspired by the snack’s pepperoni shape and it also calls attention to the company’s Santa Barbara roots.

Jul 20 2013



Challenge. Sweet Lauren was one of the originators of the cake pop concept but she was late to the retail market. She needed to find a place where her high-end ingredients and handmade techniques could triumph over both mass-produced and kitschy craft kit competitors.

Solution. These fancy pops needed to display on the retail shelf and then transition to the table of a dinner party. A display base encased inside a clear box shows off the product while simultaneously answering the structural challenge of presenting top-heavy pops standing upright. Attention to detail such as embossing and foil stamping lends luxury. A flexible label system lets Sweet Lauren switch out flavors seasonally.

Jul 15 2013



Challenge. Alite Designs needed to connect their products across different categories: packs, chairs, tents, utensils, pet supplies, and more.

Solution. Alite Designs’ brand palette—an iconic logo, woodgrain texture, bold hits of color—became a billboard that connected their disparate products for browsing consumers. Their clear communication hierarchy helped shoppers understand benefits quickly while minimal packaging displayed the quality products in their most compelling form.

Jul 10 2013



Challenge. How can you convince consumers to trust a new brand well enough that they’ll swap weekly grocery store trips for visits to a website instead—all in the interest of charity?

Solution. Dova’s idea to sell daily commodity items in an online store that donates proceeds to charity is a refreshing take on the trend towards community. The strategy behind the brand is to have a series of sub-brands that target different categories. The consistent placement of the silver Dova band and message alongside a unified aesthetic of white space and cohesively used secondary imagery unifies these product lines.