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Jan 18 2013

Yes To Grapefruit!


Yes To just launched their newest natural skin care line, Yes To Grapefruit.

A carefully selected ruby pink color stays in line with the vibrant colors that have become a trademark of the Yes To product families. The use of fresh photography for the hero ingredient has also become a integral brand element, communicating the natural properties of their ingredients in a fun and bold way. We enjoyed working with Holly Stewart Photography on the photo shoot for this grapefruit!

Jan 5 2013



Challenge. How do you create a new brand of dog treats that stands out from the barking mass of competition?

Solution. The best way to stand out is to focus on your individuality. What could be more unique then fabricating a spokespooch from scratch? This isn’t your typical happy beagle, either. Mr. J.J. Pips is, in fact, an English Bulldog from Manchester. Adding a brand voice that’s consistent with Manchester colloquialisms and slang completed the brand vision.