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We have just wrapped up branding and package design for an innovative new confection made right here in the Bay Area, Nuttyness Marzipan. We haven’t been this excited about a product in a really long time — it’s SOOO delicious— and we are proud to have partnered with them to bring their product to market.

It’s a premium chocolate covered marzipan made with high-end artisan ingredients. A smooth paste of California-grown almonds enrobed with a thin coating of local San Francisco dark chocolate. The twist… the addition of innovative flavor combinations like Lemon Ginger and Orange Cayenne. There are endless flavor opportunities for Nuttyness, but they have launched with 6 initial flavors.

We were involved early enough in the process that we were able to collaborate with Nuttyness on the product form and overall packaging structure, ultimately recommending a flexible system of individual bars and 3-bar variety packs. The shape, based off a cube, is to help differentiate the product from other chocolate and marzipan products. The final system is simple by design. Elegant and clean, a subtly tactile column paper in pure white is combined with custom calligraphy by Georgia Deaver. The focus is on the flavors through hits of vibrant colors and large typography. The diecut in the universal box, allows the individual bars to speak for themselves, while also allowing Nuttyness to release an unlimited number of combinations as they add new flavors.