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There has been an in-flux of new experiemental papers lately in an effort to come up with a treeless solution. Some of the tree-free papers I’ve seen feel more like plastic or vinyl, and are made of petroleum-based substances. I’ve recently come across an interesting solution, actual made with fine ground up particles of limestone, left over waste from the mining process.

These papers have more of a “paper” appearance and touch, but have the benefit of being super durable, water-proof, bleach-free, and, of course, tree-free.

made from the left-over limestone from the mining process

also made from the left-over limestone from the mining process

In researching these “rock papers” I’ve also come across a number of additional innovative tree-free papers:

The Sugar Cane Paper Company
made from the waste resulting from processing sugar cane

Treeless Products
made from fast-growing bamboo

Mr. Eliie Pooh
made from recycled elephant poop

made from kanaf, a plant related to hibiscus

Are these tree less papers actually saving our natural resources? Well there are tons of debates out there in cyberspace. Each one of these tree-free papers appears to have it’s own unique qualities, and I’ll definitely be looking deeper into our options on our next project!